First participants of the Asturies Cider Congress who will have their presentations on Friday, March 24. (Full program here)

Wouter Bijl

CiderCider is a young and fresh company with the ambition to put cider and perry on the map in the Netherlands. It was born out of the passion for cider and the frustration of the lack of decent cider in the Netherlands. Since 2014 they have the only cider shop in the Netherlands and since 2015 they also have a bar. The shop can be found at the Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam. Wouter, is the founder of CiderCider, a company focused in distribution in Netherlands. He also run a Cider Bar since 2015. He has a passion for pure and delicious food and drinks. Food and drink that you know where it comes from. He trained as a maritime engineer, but after a short career on ships he decided to follow his heart. And in 2009 he started importing cider. Cider is not only very tasty but also an authentic product. To offer the best quality, CiderCider only works with small producers who love to make their product and regularly receive awards for their products.


Benoît Marinos

In France, cider isn’t given the same respect as wine; it’s generally a drink you enjoy with crêpes, often purchased at the supermarket and the quality was secondary. But Benoît Marinos decided it merited its own space in Paris and opened the first cider house in Paris in 2019. After immersing himself in English, German and Basque cider culture, he had a real revelation. It was his audacity and passion that made him believe in his project. He succeeded in attracting the curiosity of passers-by by offering atypical products. Signature ciders, barrel ciders, co-fermentations with quince jelly, grapes… and to develop a real cider culture in the capital. France, as well as Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, and other countries, produce stellar, naturally-fermented ciders made with heirloom apples, and at times, with pears and quince. Many of them are on offer at La Cidrerie in bottles and on tap.


JORAN Le Stradic

Joran Le Stradic run Joran Cidrothèque, the first and only cider bar and cellar dedicated to ciders in Belgium. You can come and discover more than 100 references of ciders and perries in bottle, barrel or English pump. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, from 4pm to at least 7pm there is an Irish open jam music session. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 8pm they play a gig, whose detailed programme is shown on social networks.
At any time their kitchen offers tasty snacks and dishes to share. From Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm to 10pm, their chef prepares authentic Breton 100% buckwheat pancakes for you.