Enjoy a multitude of events throughout our Asturian geography during the week of March 20th to 26th.

Collaborating establishments

Here is the list of collaborating establishments of the Asturies Cider Week and all the activities that they will carry out between March 20 and 26. Look at the date of the activity you want to go to and if it is necessary to make a prior reservation.

EL PATIO DE BUTACAS | From Thursday 23 to Sunday 26

  • “MADRE” – Special cocktail menu with cider | from March 20 to 26

Pl. les Campes, 33, 33510 Pola de Siero, Asturias

El Patio de Butacas is a small cocktail bar run by Alberto Díaz and Tania López, and located in an Asturian town, surrounded by tradition, attachment, nature and romanticism. That is, they have everything at their fingertips.
They have spent years developing projects where the collection of their own ingredients has a lot of weight; with them they elaborate particular premixes that they use within their menu, which helps them create special, authentic and, in part, exclusive drinks. The land bears fruit for a short season of time, and it is there that they exploit their full potential.

The love for the roots, tradition, contact with nature and the defense of one’s own, have made his latest creation a menu called “Madre”: a small sample of only eight drinks made entirely with derivatives of cider and seasonal and local products, almost all collected from their own orchard, just four kilometers from the premises. It is also an ode to their grandmothers, the ones that give their names to the cocktails and who also appear in the reason for the elaborations, in many cases versions of dishes that they themselves prepared.
Ferns, chestnuts, pumpkin, blue cheese, algae… are some of the ingredients that, right now, create “Mother”, but this menu changes every day, just like the products that the land provides.

But, it is not the first time that gastronomic cocktails have been created in El Patio de Butacas. Just two years ago Alberto Díaz slipped into the TOP 50 of World Class Spain with a drink in which he took advantage of the liters of bacon stew broth from a nearby place to create a cordial, which mixed with whiskey and bread kvass Sourdough, Guinness, chocolate and hazelnuts delighted those present for a while.
Another of his creations, with which they made it into the TOP 20 of World Class Spain last year, was a shot of gin, fern srhub and celery vinegar and spelled liqueur.
They are in the ideal place to use everything within their reach in their recipes and thus create a project full of personality that surprises inside and outside its borders.

Price per person: according to special letter “Mother”

    www.elpatiodebutacas.com hola@elpatiodebutacas.es

    QUESERÍA CUEVA DEL MOLÍN | Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Friday 24

    • Cabrales and Cider Experience

    Cabrales maturation cave Cueva del Molin, Carreña S/N, 33555, Carreña, Asturias

    Enjoy the Cabrales Cueva del Molín Experience and you will be able to learn about the traditional production of this cheese through its museum. You will visit the galleries of the natural cave “Cueva del Molín” where its maturation takes place. Finally, you will be able to enjoy the flavors of Asturias and discover the pairings of El Maestro Quesero cheeses with El Gaitero natural ciders. Two great Asturian gastronomic icons that transform the cider culin and the cheese tapa into a whole organoleptic experience. You will leave with a very good taste in your mouth!

    Price per person: €5’00

      Disponiblidad y reservas en https://www.maestroquesero.es/experiencia-cabrales/

      LLAGAR CASTAÑÓN | Thursday 23 and Saturday 25

      • SPEECH-INA | MARCH 23 AT 7:00 PM

      Ctra. de San Miguel, nº 90-103, 33314 Quintueles, Asturias

      We want to explain how and where we make our ciders, some limited edition such as “Spring Cider” Val de Boides DOP. Who will announce spring, will it be El Corte Inglés or will it be Castañón?

      We will visit the Roxmut (cider vermouth) winery, “The secrets of Castañón” and finish with an Espich-INA Snack in the cider press with barrel cider and Roxmut vermouth enlivened by DJ music. A Thursday where you can discover and enjoy our Asturian cider culture.
      You sign up?

      Price per person: €25.00


      Ctra. de San Miguel, nº 90-103, 33314 Quintueles, Asturias

      Do you want to learn how to pour cider?

      Discover why the traditional Asturian natural cider is poured and go ahead and pour some cider (we will practice with water) from the hand of a professional pourer who is part of the Association of Cider Pourers of Asturias.

      In collaboration with the Cider Tourism Asturias Product Club.

      If you feel like it then you can BOOK A GUIDED TOUR AT 1 PM, look at the options on the WEB and expand the cider experience.

      Price per person: €2.00

      www.sidracastanon.com info@sidracastanon.com (+34) 985 894 576

      LLAGAR LA MORENA | Thursday 23 and Friday 24

      • BASQUE CIDER MENU with the cider maker and grill master Aingeru Larrasoaña Etxaide (Baldorba Naturel) | THURSDAY 23 (LUNCH AND DINNER) FRIDAY 24 LUNCH

      Alto de Viella, s/n, 33429 Viella, Asturias

      Basque and Asturian cider come together with this Basque cider house menu directed by the cider maker and griller Aingeru Larrasoaña Etxaide de Baborda Natural (ecological cider from Nafarroa) at La Morena de Viella (Siero)

      The Basque cider house menu can be enjoyed to suit the client, with the different ciders from Llagar La Morena and Balborda Natural.

      The menu includes:
      – Txorizo ​​with cider
      -Cod omelette
      -Peppered Codfish
      -Cheese with sweet and nuts

      The price does not include drinks, so the menu may be accompanied by the different ciders from both producers available on the menu.

      Price per person: €38.00

        www.llagarlamorena.com llagarlamorena@gmail.com 985 26 39 44